Ramelle Ross 'Hale County This Morning This Evening'

- the way the trailer is open-ended, poetic form

- patiently observed interstices lives

- feels both mundane and monumental; am always allerigic to trailers which are too monumental

John Akomfrah's 'The Stuart Hall Project'

- I like how it moves between a few different soundtracks in it

- I like how the text gives information and the rest is visual and audio 

Chris Marker 'Sans Soleil'

- the sequence of image then going to black might be nice as a way of making a trailer and moving between footage 

Chris Marker 'Level Five' Trailer

Shoah Trailer


- Relationship  between image and text 

Stanya Kahn 'No Go Backs'

- How much can be said about a narrative with no dialogue