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Jupiter Woods show

Title: Interlude 

Press Release:

Structure  >> 3 main elements 


1. A sound piece 'somnambulate' ( in the back room), through hanging headphones above a bean bag people can sit in. There will be a blanket and also a small portable heater beside it. This 25 minute sound piece, or self described lullabies, uses the idea of ‘music for sleeping’ to float in the complex space of fatigue and its relationship to (dis)orientation. It is inspired by sleepwalking. This sound piece will also be available in the form of cassette tape, available at Jupiter Woods.





















2. An ambient film installation 'Lessons in Levitation' (front room) projected onto 3 MDF boards. They will lean u against the wall on the ground, i might hang one and prop the other one up on cardboard boxes. The structure of the film will follow more of a dream logic to try and make a hypnotic and kaleidoscopic composition using footage taken on my phone and sounds sampled and layered from the filmed situation. 

3. Performance (on the opening evening): me plus a few friends who feature in the album as well as the film. I want to create one seamless performance (conducted by me) with  live music, and projected video. I'm interested in making some sort of strange choir, not necessarily through singing, just through abstract ideas of harmony.





the cassette sleeve will have a QR code printed on it, that links people to a private 'music video' online. Inside the cassette sleeve will also be Heather's text. 

Very rough mock up, more coming soon

Performance Mock up - the first half is from an old one of 2018 that i'm re performing, and the second half turns mainly sound performance with stuff from 'somnambulate' as well features from :

-Belinda doing poetry

-Andrea doing singing

-Carl singing

-Baba live guitar

things i'm thinking about and researching

-the self, the ego, the individual and aspirational culture

-connection and other forms of communication and channels


-longing and potential

non time space zones of waiting and limbo

-Symbolic anthropology ..."man is an animal suspended in webs of significance he himself has spun, I take culture to be those webs, and the analysis of it to be therefore not an experimental science in search of law but an interpretive one in search of meaning".

what moving forward means

-our desire to make things whole; self, posterity, discourse, lineage, nationalism, hierachies

video portraiture

filming as mode of observation, not saying anything but just bearing witness

paying attention to the Impulsive and Intuitive 

the emotional interior and communication;

the unscripted and sincere,

whatsapp exchanges 

openness, intimacy and belonging

various modes of collaboration 


- weight, gravity, stasis

-the paranormal; the trance

-hypnosis and the hypnotists hands; body moving without your mind being present, the back and forth rhythm

-haunting and being possessed , the occult


-orchestra conductor's hands; a type of hypnosis, or lulling, if not understood or taken out of context, it isa meaningless and beautiful movement by itself, wavelike

non-music, exploring music without melody to explore more skeletal structure of music

relationship between motion and sociality 

-movement and stillness

-body movements, touches and tone of voices, circling and parallel rhythms and hollow blanks

waves, water, water logic



states of temporality and continuous change


the incongruous, congruous, coherent and incoherent

fragmentation as a potential to open up new rhythms and semantics



channeling, and channels; opening up new forms of knowledge and knowledge production

devotion, faith, crowd psychology

when things bubble into the realm of spirituality

What I hope the show will feel  like

I want the room/film to feel like an internal unwinding, an unravelling.

as well as one that feels quite static, as if you are waiting, everything hovering or stuck in a web


I'm interested in mind altering states that enter into a space of floating or hovering, like exhaustion, hypnosis, trance, (day)dreaming, sleeping, hallucinating and meditation.


The majority of my research/obsession over the last year has been looking at hypnotists and orchestra conductors. I wouldn't say the film is 'about' that, but it's a strong influence, and there are definitely moments that will reference that type of gesture and energy - followings


I'm Interested in quiet energies that run underneath and in between, moving beyond words through rhythms and sonic vibration.

Through a collage of fragments and micro moments of instruction, advice, ambition, hope, rage, self expression etc, i want to create an entanglement of ‘selves,’ a collapsing into each other


I'm very interested in circular rhythms, the loop (a constant that begins to morph over time as your mind begins to play tricks on you) and semantic satiation (where the constant repetition of a word makes it lose its meaning). 

A kind of de-conditioning , trying to find places between the cracks, weaving together what's already there