Art Date with DKUK

The first episode of Art Dates sees The White Pube in the chair at DKUK, a gallery and salon run by artist and hairdresser Daniel Kelly, where “paying clients get their hair cut in front of art.” Daniel explains the intentions of the project, talks about the gallery’s audience, and outlines the value he has found in not having to rely completely on the arts to make rent.

Art Date with Heather Phillipson

The pilot episode of 'Art Dates' sees The White Pube talking to artist Heather Phillipson, her dog Marge, and many other assorted dogs at the park. Heather talks about the process and order of making artworks, the disparate values and intentions of making and feelings and frustrations about the artworld. This episode was our trial 'pilot' which gave us the idea for the project and which direction to take it in.